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First Lyric Video Released!!

Lust lyric video is randomly released today.  Woke up and decided to compile random and not so random images and videos depicted verses of the song.


Check out the video here:



mT barrels

March 10, 2017 8:30PM

Manic Museum opening for Alice in Chains tribute band Chained.  Manic's first adventure in the suburbs.


Chchchchchanges.... New Website

We've moved away from Weebly to a new spot.  Will be under construction for quite some time.  But you know you can find us on Facebook



Great turnout at MT Barrels last night!

We'll be taking a short break as we look to book more suburban shows late in the spring.  We'll be back with more covers and originals for longer sets.

H.O.M.E bar

March 25, 2017 9:00PM

Manic Museum opening for Blue Onyx. Last minute addition to rock!

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